"1-13-1996, I Was Able To Revive The Fossil Of Andanderus, So Far, Andanderus Seems Confused About This. 1-16-1997, Andanderus Seems To Perfer Killing Off The People Who Have Slain Monsters Than The Humans Who Haven't. 2-29-2000 It's Been A While, And Andanderus Seems To Still Get Out Of Control, It Has Been Shown That That Spikes On It Have No Protection Purposes As They Are Duller Than A Dull Pencil"

Andanderus, Only Fightable In The Neutral And Genocide Routes, Takes 8 Sword Hits To Kill. Half The Body Of Andanderus (Lab Name: Andus (An-duhs)) Is Made Of Bones, But Are Grey Instead Of White.

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